Saturday, 1 September 2007

Who is Drew Noyes ?

Drew Walter Noyes is a US citizen and a resident of Pattaya ,Thailand. He is manager of a company Called P.A.P.P.A. which claims to be a marketing company.The company is owned by his wife:Nitia Noyes.

Drew Noyes was a real estate broker in Wilmington NC. Where he (along with some 5 others) reached the dizzy heights of being made a member of the "Realtors Hall of Fame". He has no educational qualifications beyond a high school diploma although he claims ,amongst other things, to have a degree from Duke N.C. majoring in Journalism .He may have had experience as a salesman in financial services. There are many rumours of his activities but we cannot substantiate them so we will not ,currently, endorse them.

Drew Noyes earns his money ,here in Pattaya, by a combination of fraud , misrepresentation and deceit combined with a small amount of legitimate work mainly in the spheres of real estate and Advertising. He claims to be a wealthy man but lives in rather dilapidated home in central Pattaya.

Drew Noyes was some years back the self appointed Chairman of the Pattaya city expats Club until they institued voting wherapon he resigned from it's board. He has since attempted to be re-elected but has recieved very small numbers of votes and never succeeded. He still claims to many people (especially amongst local politicans) that he is still the Chairman of the PCEC.

Here : He published a letter to the Bangkok post claiming to be the PCEC chairman in May1996 when in fact the Chairman was Mr Richard Smith ( as well as other lies).

He regulary claims to represent the Government ,the Town Hall and even the Australian embassy it is ,as usual false.


davy said...

why no emails/comments from say nc realty board stating he is or isnt a broker?

Drew Noyes said...
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Drew Noyes said...

click on the name DrewNoyes above for the verified bio and credentials of Drew Noyes:

Drew Noyes said...

Search reputable, verified websites for the work Drew Noyes has done to help people for the last 13 years in Thailand and while he was a broker in the USA.

Josh Haq said...

Thor Halland has never made such a Police report.Why are you lying Drew?

Fact said...

Why are you lying Drew? Well Josh isn't that a hallmark of a psychopath? They lie about everything all the time and even believe their own lies. Luckily there are more and more people including local officials who start being informed about this person and his trickery. His self written "credentials" are so over the top that he is a laughing stock in the local expat community except for a few die-hard brown nosers (the identity of which he creates himself). His ego is so hurt by this true examination of his fake personality that he is blowing life in an otherwise dead blog. Well done Mr. Noise, I will now highlight step by step the lies and half truths, stay alert sir for the truth will be known.

Fact said...

There we go, just a start in a mountain of BS.


Mr. Drew Walter Noyes Lawyer Newspaper PublisherContact Bookmark

Lawyer?? Since when. Why are you deliberately trying to mislead people? You are not a lawyer, you may employ a junior insignificant lawyer but that is something else.

Solomon said...
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Solomon said...

Who is this Drew Noyes?
If you Google his name you get tones of hits but it’s hard to know what to believe. You read about everything from his perceived ancestry before the days of King Arthur to his Mum being an actress and his Papa being awarded Medals in the war. What of Him? What did HE do? He seems to dress himself up in other peoples Glory trying to make himself look good by association.

Even when researching what he has listed as his Credits (such as Education, Certifications / Licenses, and Employment History) it does not seem that anyone has heard of him. The State that he does list (North Carolina) as having worked in and being licensed by has no record of him being any type of a “financial expert”.

If he monitors this site for conflicting views, as he probably well does, he has an open invitation to Blog here and be a bit more specific about his credentials. Such details as the year he graduated and naming the university from which he earned his degree in journalism would be helpful. With respect to being a financial expert and a “… leader in the commodities, securities and real estate arenas in the United States on both Coasts.” … his CRD (Central Registration Depository) number would be helpful in verifying that he even existed in this “arena”, since no record has been located to date in the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) data base.

Solomon said...


Do you really think that by redirecting people to links that you yourself have written will fool them?

"Fact" has brought up a good question, .... Why have you gone into the "Law" business? Do you think that people will be intimidated by that and not persue your perceived fraudulant ways? At one time you thought that by saying you were "cleared" by the FBI would intimidate people or elivate your status but it didn't. When everyone thought about that statement they discovered that everyone has FBI clearence just by having a Passport.

Fact said...

Hmm Drew, you must have seriously annoyed some people with your lies, now we have a "Salomon" digging into your past, and rightfully so.
Maybe it is time to dust of the old "conman comes to Pattaya" info again? You went ballistic a couple of years ago when someone paid to get your real past brought to light. Talking about real verified info:) Did you really think you could erase this info from the internet and nobody would notice? Why don't you consider re-locating to Cambodia, I heard there are plenty of your type making a dubious living there. Anyway, leaving another family with kids behind is also not new to you, you must have lost count by now?

Fact said...

Looking at Drew Noyes Facebook site under "pictures", then "Thailand Police and Royal Palace Friends of Drew Noyes' comment number one.

"1. Police Colonel Nattawoot Suwanlaong, Commander of the Pattaya Police, Police Lieutenant General Tangai Pradsajarksattru, Commander of the Royal Thai Police Region 2 with their adviser Mr. Drew Noyes, Managing Director of P.A.P.P.A. Co., Ltd. Law Office at the opening of the One Stop Service Center of the Pattaya Police Station."

In order to understand the delusion of this person one has to understand that at that point it is alleged that Mr. Noyes just jumped in front of the camera when the police chief gave a briefing about his new plans to dignitaries and the press. Drew is absolutely not related to this plan, nor has anything to do with it, just a quick photo opportunity, to be used to fraudulently impress the unwary foreigners into believing Mr. Noyes is an important person whom they can trust. Needles to say this is far from the truth.

Drew is doing this "jumping" or shuffling into others pictures regularly, he even produces a (fake) smile or laughs with them as if he understands their jokes which are spoken in Thai of course. Drew only speaks very rudimentary Thai and is not able to follow any conversation spoken between Thais.

To call yourself the advisor of these two high level policemen is stretching the limit way past breaking point, especially because they don't even know who he is. It is high time this should be brought to their attention, I am convinced they do not like to be used to further (falsely) glorifying this self serving shady character.

Next, more info of people who have been duped into parting with their money and not receiving anywhere close to the promised results, stay put.

Sam Machielsen said...
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Sam Machielsen said...
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septer said...

Look here for more info:

Solomon said...

Out of room on this BLOG!!! Go here for more Blogging (copy and paste)

Fact said...

What out of space?? Is this possible?? Anyway I will check this out.

Mustava Mond said...

For the info you need on Drew Noyes , see Don't be fooled. All info on Drew NOyes on various sites regarding credentials and experiance is self posted and mostly total fabrications. He has recently left ( Oct 15, 2011 ) Thailand under allegations of numerous con games, falsely claiming to be a lawyer, and possible defamation regarding bogus claims of recognition by the Royal family ( A serious crime called Lese Majeste.)

One of six reports

Mustava Mond said...
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Drew Noyes Thailand Law said...

Anyone who does not know me please go to reputable websites where real people using their real names will share their recommendations of me and PAPPA Co., Ltd. Law and their experiences in doing business with me and my law firm.
Please see what real professionals say about Drew Noyes and PAPPA Co., Ltd. :

Any fool can write using fake names on a blog like this one and any unemployed tabloid reporter can post false accusations and create fake interviews.We know who they are and the Thai justice system will deal with them.
Do the research before making any decisions.
Email any questions to
or visit our website

Solomon said...

Drew, drew, drew, ….. how will anyone get an accurate picture of YOU by going to one of your many – self written – credential sites? You know that most people are not familiar with doing their own “Due-Diligence” (especially in a foreign country) and therefore you have the advantage that you need. It only makes sense that those who want to know the TRUTH about You (or anyone for that matter), look at web sites not under your control. Due-Diligence and “Full Disclosure” are mandated topics in those schools of higher learning you claim to have visited. To use the same words you use “Any Fool”,…. Can write a few sentences on many web sites telling stories of how wonderful they are. The TRUTH comes from those “real people” that have had dealings with you.

Drew Noyes Thailand Law said...

Anyone reading this nonsense realizes that "Fact" and "Solomon" may be the same person who is so insecure that he has to hide behind a fake name. What is he afraid of? If he is honest he should disclose who he is, but then again he is so shallow he uses a free blog site to voice his unhappiness with life.
Go to the and enter the my name in the search and see what I have accomplishes in my name in Thailand over the last 15 years. The loser posting here is probably in poor health, sitting in his underwear in Issan sipping on his 30th Leo of the night with nothing to do but try to discredit reputable people on his old computer his Thai girlfriend bought.

Drew Noyes Thailand Law said...

If you research most of these losers posting her you will see that they have all been in jail in Thailand. Take for example, the loser using the name Mustava Mond who on Blogger is called Simon (writer)

His self-proclaimed claim to fame is:
"briton in Thai jail 'for being rude'. Allegedly..."
His buddy Andrew Drummond has the police looking for him with 7 criminal cases pending against him in Thailand. Two are in the Supreme Court.

Solomon said...

The way you envision and attack those who have chosen to expose your “dealings” is normal for you drew. Yet anyone who knows you, knows that these same people that you now describe as “loser”, you befriended in the onset of your campaign with them. They only became losers after having “dealings” with you; many have lost their life savings in these dealings.
To enlighten you drew, the name Solomon is no more “fake” than the name drew, and, not falsely represented by tales of “self - imagined” Grandeur on the self – written web sites of the Internet.
No, No drew, …. NOT the same person, BUT of the same thoughts it seems. You see that don’t you?? Yes of course you do. You see that all the “Skeletons” in your closet are coming out to haunt you. THEY are NOT the same person - THEY are many. One by one they read the postings on various websites and join the ever -mounting numbers that you yourself have created. Had you chosen a different path in doing business and had you chosen to be more forthright with handling the many grievances presented to you by those you dealt with, you would not have so many “Skeletons”. However, it seems that you have chosen the more devious path and this course inevitably leads to the decline of any “empire”, it is only a matter of time. You are only deceiving yourself if you think that you are respected in the Thai community. In fact the Thai people were the first to see through your fa├žade. It is only due to their respect for all individuals (and pity for some it seems) that you are allowed to remain as you are. This seems to be changing doesn’t it?

Fact said...

Well done your mega numb nut schmuck, not really though. Removing your comment and changing your Google account name will not diminish any of the impact of your arrogance and stupidity. Of course there are records of what you removed numb nut. These are of course FACTS not illusions.

Charlie said...

I had the dubious pleasure of meeting Mr Drew Noyes on several occasions as I lived in Thailand for many years.

He is without a doubt, a scheming and nasty individual. It is only a matter of (I would guess quite short) time before he is either behind bars or in the ground.

He has made far too many enemies by his shameful dealings to survive much longer.

Fact said... Ohh Drew, what happens here to your non existing credibility. It appears you are getting scratched my friend, and the funny thing is its of your own doing. Fortunately you will now drag many allies down with you. Waiting in anticipation for your own stupid moves, don't disappoint us now:-) Oops as Napoleon Bonaparte once said "Don't interrupt your enemies when they are making mistakes".

jules said...

And now the end is near, the final countdown.
Drew arrested for extortion, using his 'newspaper" as a means of eextorting Baht 2.35m from an Australian businessman he believed was using substandard equipment.
Doing the walk of shame before a Major General of Chonburi police with his wife on 12 March 2012.
At least now he can be a 'lawyer", which in the World of Drew means he does not need legal qualifications or Bar membership, just an interest in "law".

Fact said...

Pattaya Police Station
9 March 2012 at 21.30 hr
Date of arrest: 9 March 2012 at 18.50 hr
Place of arrest: News Steak Restaurant, Thapphraya Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Cholburi Arresting Officers: The arrest was made under command of Pol Col Nathawuth Suwanlaong, Sup of Pattaya Police Station, and six others jointly made arrest on Drew Walter Noyes, age 56 years bearer of American passport number xx with evidence of commission of offence as black brief case in cash of THB 100,000. Crime Scene: where the arrested evidence as money was found in black brief case while the injured person was delivering to the accused under watch of the arresting team. The charge was made against the accused that today (9 Mar12) while the police were on duty at the Pattaya Police Station the report was made by Michel Oscar Goulet, age 59 years of Australian nationality a bearer of passport number xx, the injured person who related his story that on 8 March 12 Drew Noyes came to see him at Thonglor Clinic (Pattaya-Jomthien) the place of business of the injured person where he exerted threat and demanded protection fee against life and for doing business in Pattaya of THB 7 million. The injured person was of fear he therefore negotiated less payment until today Noyes set the meeting for payment at Pig & Whistle to negotiate to pay less than THB 7 million. It was finally agreed for THB 2.3 million; however, the money was not in place he therefore asked for the time to raise fund for this purpose. More time was given to the injured person.
With the pressure, he contacted the Pattaya police to ask for help. Consequently thereto the accused made a call to enquire about money to be paid for the protection from the injured person hence he negotiated to buy time further that he would need time to draw funds. Thereafter Miss Kung or Wanrapa Boonsu whom we were informed is the wife of the accused made the cell phone number xx to call to the injured person to make sure about the amount of money to be paid was THB 2.3 million that the injured person would agree to deliver to them today. The injured person then advised her that the money was not yet ready. It would take further time to draw money. Upon receipt of progress made by the injured person, the police then made report to the superior who was then made order for the prepare to arrest both accused namely Drew Noyes and Miss Kung or Wanrapa Boonsu. The prep was drawn a plan that the injured person fetch cash of THB 100,000 to deliver to the accused. The injured person then set appointment for delivery of money at News Steak Restaurant, Thappraya Road, Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung, Cholburi. Detectives were sent to man the shop house led by Police Cap Trongsak Petharn, Investigative Inspector, Pattaya Police Station posing as customers. Pol Cap Trongsak sat at a place where he could easily see money that was delivered. The rest of the police who manned the restaurant were in hidden places waiting for a signal to charge the crime scene making arrest upon hearing the signal. Spare teams were assembling in private cars in front and behind the restaurant, not seen by the public. Once the preperation was in order signal was given to the injured person to walk into the restaurant to meet with Noyes and his wife. At that time the accused was by himself without Wanrapa Boonsu. When the injured person met with Noyes they were chat to each there awhile until Pol Cap noticed that the injured person grabbed the black brief case contained with money of THB 100,0000 to deliver it to the accused he then gave signal to the arresting team to charge the accused and grabbed the black brief case as crime scenes evidence. The accused and his wife were therefore booked as: Charge: Extortion 8-9 March 2012 Accused denied all the charges, Bail was set at the sum of Bt200,000 each.

Fact said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kirsti kitto said...

Thor Halland is a lier and a wonderful fabricator of fantastical stories. Thor loves to place himself as a victem in order to get sympathy and attition from people arouns him.

A very large look at me complex, wait you are not paying attion look at me now, its nkt fair yiu are not paying attention to me. He is a monster.

Andre Machielsen said...

Kirsti, Look what I found, have a look here and see if you can add....

Unknown said...

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Andre Machielsen said...

;-) looks very legit to me hahaha